My relationship with my mother was pretty complicated

My relation with my mother was kind of complicated. It is true she greatly verbally, emotionally abused me. OTOH she encouraged me to tell anything and everything that upset me except for one clear exception. She was on Amphetimine when she said horrible things to me. Such as why did I ever have a child like you. That I was evil. I was FOS. etc. I wasn’t the easiest daughter to raise being I was ADHD & Tourettes. In my mid teens she got off the Speed. She apologized. I just know she was a loving mother from that point. I realize that but the memories of her hurtful statements are still with me even though I realize she changed her way in her relationship to me. Yes memories, especially emotional ones are still there. Even though I know she changed for the better. Does that make any sense? I can’t be certain if this will make a difference to you. I wrote this because I wanted to be completely honest.

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