First time I noticed someone noticing my heterochromatica iridis.

My left eye is blue and hazel. My right eye blue green. An eye with different colors is medically known as either heterochrmatica iridis or sectoral heterochrmia.  For the record one eye one hue and the other another hue is heterochromia iradae.   In Waardenburg syndrome two unmatching eyes occur in 47% of people with this genetic syndrome.

I recall when I was five my mom and I were at the local city art museum. As we were walking up the stairs a senior citizen woman was gong down the same stairs. Well at one point the woman ‘s face was right up close to me So much that we were only a couple inches from each other She looked directly at me yelled an extremely loud scream So much she hurt my eardrums. Didn’t occur to me ask why she screamed I strongly suspect it was because of my eyes. I do know I burst out in tears. I think it was one of the earliest times i realized my eyes were different. That I was different.
My eye hues are the result of Waardenburg syndrome tyep2. WS consists of unusual pigment including premature grey hair. I was born with patches of white in my hair Brows that grow together and hearing loss. Close to 80% of WS2 are born with a degree of deafness. There are four types.  Overall WS is a leading cause of deafness.  Source  NORD National Organization for Rare Disorders.

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