Did you ever cut yourself and not recall how it happened?

Warning: This post might be triggering. Did you ever cut yourself and not recall how it happened? Last night i recalled an incident when I was 13. I bought home my 8th grade report card. Received a C in arithmetic. I was terrible in math. My mother was furious. She didn’t hit me but she sure as hell yelled and screamed at me. She told me I was completely worthless. I was dirt. I was disgusting. I was no good. The worst , most hurtful comment was when she told me ” I emanated evil.” That’s an exact quote. At this point I was hysterical with negative emotions. I burst into tears. I remember at that point I was so distraught I couldn’t tell what i was doing. I felt detached. Unsure, I think I blacked out. Maybe I dissociated. I vaguely recalled a feeling of detachment. It felt like there no way for me to be sure of anything I did except for this. I remembered I held a sharp jagged piece of a pottery bowl that broke.. When I able to in any capacity understand what was going on i saw my right wrist was bleeding. .Unclear if it was an accident or on purpose. I felt too distraught to tell. The cut was right next to a major artery.Taken care of at the local ER


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