Consequences of my Jr High School English Teacher Crush,.

This post on an experience of mine that is both rather old and at the same time, quite recent. I’ll explain The incidents initially started when I was in Jr. High School. Specifically I was a student in the eight grade at Heritage Jr. High School.

Specifically it all started in English class. My age was thirteen. The teacher was at least in his late twenties. He told the class pretty early in the course he was a recent graduate of Carlisle college in Carlisle PA. Wasn’t that familiar with Carlisle college but I did know I had a super hot crush on him.

He wasn’t that tall. Maybe 5’7 or 5’8 max. But what he did have going for him, at least to yours truly, was an intense look to him. With his swarthy skin, well sculpted face, his dark penetrating eyes that seemed to look right through you his appeal was most definite. His look was smoldering to me. His voice matched his demeanor too.

Yet even though I was barely an adolescent I realized it would be wrong to pursue him I knew he was much too old for me. Plus I figured he could get into serious legal troble if he engaged in a sexual relationship with a minor. There was no way an under aged girl could give legal consent. Even if I did gave my approval for intimacy it would of been legally statuary rape. REesult was I only fantasized about him.

Now several decades later I read his obit in the local newspaper. I found out from readng it he later became a professor at Wharton School of Business. I discovered too from a very close relative that all the time I was behaving myself by not acting upon my crush he was being intimate with a girl friend in that very English class. She happened to be a very good friend of mine. She never let on. Man was I surprised. Even so I still believe I did the right thing. In retrospect she must of told my relative. I’m certain Wharton wouldn’t have hired him if they ever found out. I felt shocked when I made that discovery and with a good friend of mine too.

How I found this out was decades later when my close female relative finally told me she was dating a a boy in her class and he knew my then English teacher was being intimate with a very close woman friend in the same English class.


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