Bernie and Jill

Fairly recently Jill Stein of the Green party requested Barry Sanders join herm Hope he doesn’t accept her proposal. That would be a disaster. I’ll explain below.

The Green party is a tiny party. As of now there is far from enough numbers for the party to be a threat to the Democrats or Republicans. That said many of the Bernie or Bust crowd are saying they’ll vote for Stein. They maintain they are voting their conscience. That is well and good but in this case I believe a voter who follows their conscience would make Trump POTUS. He’s to coin a phrase the fascist gun in the north, south, eat and west. He’d turn the US fascist. This I see as a disaster for the US. True Hillary isn’t much better but she is better than Trump.

Jill Stein’s policies and politics are quite similar to Sanders. Conversely I think the only important question to ask in this 2016 presidential election is who do you see as worse a demegogue or a woman who is too cozy with the big banks. What one presents more danger to this country. To me its clear electing dangerous Trump.

Jill Stein on education
• Stein wants to abolish student debt and guarantee tuition-free education from preschool through higher education. She wants to prevent privatization of public schools. Increase federal funds for education.”

Jill Stein on environmental issues
• Stein’s platform prioritizes climate change. It calls for a ban on pesticides that she says threaten bees, and would transition the country entirely to renewable energy and end the use of nuclear energy.

Jill Stein on Economic Issues
Stein supports a federal $15 minimum wage, more union rights and tighter regulation of Wall Street. Her platform calls for tax cuts fo poor and middle class. H0igher taxes on the ricj. She hopes to impose a moratorium on foreclosures and evictions.

Health Care
• Stein favors a single-payer health-care system that would essentially give everyone a form of Medicare.

LGBT Isssues
Stein believes in LGBTQ protections from discrimination and supports gay marriage.

Still with Stein’s similarities there is the fact that any vote for anyone but Clinton is a vote for Trump. That would be a disaster for US.


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